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Ideal Client

The following is a brief description of individuals who would make ideal clients for our service.

1.  You believe in astrology.


2. You have a deep desire to pursue a long-term loving relationship.

3. You have the funds available to pay for our service without causing financial stress to yourself or others.

4.  You are 30+ years of age.  Why 30?  Because 90% of relationships entered into before the age of 30 end. Evidence suggests

      that it would be wiser for young people to wait until 30 before trying to make a long-term relationship last. 

5. You possess a combination of RCMs (Relationship Compatibility Markers) that make it possible for us to find you Irresistible Birth

    Date Matches.   Many people's natal charts and their numerology charts involve such a high number of "discordant" aspects

    amongst points, angles, planets, asteroids and numbers that it makes it virtually impossible for us to find them Birth Date Matches.

    If you are  included in this majority, do not despair.  You can visit our BUDGET OPTION page and proceed accordingly.   

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