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Get to know your


Clients and non-clients alike are welcome to use our

questionnaire to get better acquainted with their new love interests.  

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If you are a client, by now you have received your recommended Birth Date Matches. You've probably also begun connecting with singles born on these dates.  

Prior to beginning a relationship with someone born on one of these dates, consider using our Compatibility Questionnaire to learn more about each other. 

A number of the questions probe deeply into people's personalities. So proceed at a pace that is comfortable for the two of you and only discuss as many of them as you like.    


Relationships & Children


What is your relationship status?

Single / never been married.   


Divorced once but now single.  


Two or more divorces but now single.

Attached but looking for a better match.

Married / Separated / Widowed / Other

If you are divorced, how much time do 

you spend communicating with or

involved with your ex(es).

How long was your longest

romantic relationship? 

How about your second and third

longest relationships?

Do you have children and if so,

how old are they?

If you do have children,

are they all with the same partner?

In addition to any children you might 

already have, how many more would

you like to have?

Yoga at Home




Health - Nutrition - Other

How tall are you and how much

do you weigh?   

What is your body type?

skinny  -  lean with muscle  -

fat with muscle - slightly overweight

overweight - obese

How is your physical / mental health?

Have you ever been diagnosed 

with a mental illness?

Do you have tattoos and/

or piercings?

Do you follow a special diet?  If 

so, how important is it that your 

partner follow the same diet?

Do you take any prescription drugs

If so, what do you take them for? 

How physically active are you?  


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Enjoying Nature






Which of these have you used in

the past 12 months?

Cannabis   Cocaine   Opiates   Amphetamines  

Methamphetamine     Ecstasy   Psychedelics  

Tranquilizers   Solvents   None   Other

If you are a smoker or vaper, what do you

smoke or vape and how often?

If you drink alcohol, how many drinks

per day on average?

In the past 12 months, how many times 

have you gambled?  If you have, how

much have you won and how much

have you lost?

Outside of work hours, how many hours

per day do you spend gaming?

Outside of work hours, how many hours

per day do you spend on social media?

Do you have any other

favorite indulgences?


Behind Closed Doors




      How would you describe yourself?       

Heterosexual & Monogamous 


Heterosexual & Polyamorous  

Bisexual & Monogamous 


Bisexual & Polyamorous

Gay & Monogamous  


  Gay & Polyamorous

Asexual but I will accommodate my partner

Asexual & Celibate     Celibate      Other

How open minded are your sexually?  

I'm sexually conservative

Middle of the Road

Very open to new & exciting ideas!

On average, when you are in a committed

relationship, what is your preferred

number of intimate encounters

per month with your partner?


While in a committed, monogamous

relationship, have you ever cheated?

To what extent do you agree with

the following statement?  

"If I am in a monogamous relationship, I will 

end my relationship with my partner BEFORE

I become emotionally and/or romantically 

involved with another person."


In the future, if you lost interest in having a

physical relationship with your partner,

which of these would apply?



If they cheat and I find out, our relationship is over.

If they are out of town, they can do as they please.


They can get themselves a love doll.


If they cheat on me, I'll probably forgive them. 


They can "sleep" with someone else but they

need to tell me about it first.


They can "sleep" with someone else but they

should keep it to themselves.  The less I know

about it, the better.




What are your academic achievements?  

Some high school / GED / High school diploma



Tech school / Trade school / Associates degree  


Bachelor of Arts        Bachelor of Science  


Honors degree         Master's degree     



PhD        MD        Other

The School of Hard Knocks







If you work for a living, what do you do?

If you work, considering all aspects, how

happy are you in your chosen field?

I love my work    

I like my work   

Above average   


  Below average     

  Not very happy     


Suppose that you are currently employed

and one day you win $20 million.

Would you keep working in your field?

Would you retire? 

Would you pursue other interests? 



Personal Finance


Do you earn more than you spend or  

do you spend more than you earn?  In

all honesty, how much stress do your

spending habits cause you?

None      A little       A lot

How important is it to you to project a  

successful image to others or for you to   

live at a certain level that results in you

regularly spending more than you earn? 

In other words, are you broke or in 

debt because you feel like you

deserve the "good life"?


If you are separated or divorced, 

do you pay alimony and / or 

child support? 

What is your credit score?

How much college or university

debt do you have, if any?

What is your total annual income

from all sources?

What is your net worth?   

Add together the value of your assets   

and subtract the value of your liabilities.   

What is the difference? Find out how

you compare here: 

Music Break
Sunset Surfing
Reading Map


Politics - Religion - Media



What best describes your political affiliation? 

    Far Left / Left / Center / Right / Far Right


How important is it that your partner 

shares your political affiliation?



Un-           Somewhat         Very

 Important       Important       Important

If you pay attention to media, 

what are your favorite outlets?

Mainstream Media

Alternative Media




                                           How religious are you?

Non         Somewhat        Very

 If you are religious, which 

religion do you practice?

Is it important that your partner share 

your religious beliefs or non-belief?

No        Somewhat        Yes




Sports - Activities - Hobbies



Which spectator sports - if any - do 

you like watching or listening to? 

On average, how many hours per day  

are you engaged with spectator sports, 

either at live events or on devices?

Which physical activities - if any -

do you enjoy?


Do you have any hobbies and if 

so, what are they?

If you listen to music,

what are your favorite genres?

If you reach a point in life where you are

 no longer forced to get up at a certain  

time, what time would you get out of bed? 


If you work, apart from weekends,

how much vacation time do you get

and how do you like to spend that time? 





The Law & Your Secrets


How many times have you committed a crime

more serious than a minor traffic infraction?

How many times have you been charged 

with a crime more serious than a minor

traffic infraction?

How many times have you been

convicted of a crime more serious

than a minor traffic infraction?