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​​​​​​What evidence is
there that astrology has any merit?

A number of fascinating observations have been made, including the following:

​​​​​​What's so special
about your matchmaking method?

In 2005 we discovered a way to blend Western, Hellenistic and Chinese astrology together. We call this Astro-Blend.   When this happened our ability to predict how people's relationships would work out increased exponentially

This breakthrough discovery will forever remain a closely guarded secret.

Data science and big data technology. Sc

​​​​​​Why do you fail to include 
details about your matchmaking method?

Because if we did we'd be divulging trade secrets.​ Rest assured that our decades of experience provide us with the expertise needed to find your most Irresistible Birth Date Matches.

If you qualify to be a client, before you decide whether or not to proceed we will share secrets with you about yourself (found in your RCMs)  that will blow your mind.


It's like a magic trick, only better.

Have you had any success
with your matchmaking methods?

For 27 years we treated this as a hobby and we provided free advice to our friends.  While we were able to pinpoint their Most Irresistible Birth Dates, it was up to them to find singles born on those dates. ​Left to their own devices, none of them pursued a Birth Date search strategy and instead they found partners through other means.  A number of those relationships have since ended.


Now that we've transitioned our hobby into a bona fide matchmaking service, you can visit our                                                    where you can create a dating profile and invite singles born

on specific birthdates to  connect with you.   

Smiling ethnic woman hugging her husband

Are compatible RCMs
enough to sustain a relationship?

When yours and your partner's RCMs are exceptionally well matched the chemisty between you will be absolutely undeniable.  However, there's obviously more to an amazing relationship than just THIS. An equally important ingredient is what we like to call "practical compatibility".


Click on the link below and discover how in sync you really are with your Birth Date Matches.       

Do you believe in marriage?

For some people, yes, but based on divorce rates many people seem poorly equipped to take the plunge.  Anyone considering marriage should probably consult with experts first.  Plenty of free advice exists, some of which you can find in the links to the right.


It's best to go into a long-term relationship with your eyes wide open and a sensible plan.  A good starting point is to use the methods we offer you and other astute singles. Find out if you qualify here:    

Can your method be used to match people
together in other types of relationships?

  Yes it most certainly can.  Here are just a few possibilities:


  • Bandmates

  • Potential business partners

  • A manager and her recruits

  • A music teacher choosing his students

  • A senior citizen choosing his/her caregiver

  • A coach choosing her team's players

  • And any other human pairing(s)

   It can also help some couples pinpoint birth dates for their future offspring that are

   compatible with their own birth dates.

baby in white knit cap lying on green fu

How many singles could there possibly be for me to choose
from who were born on the recommended dates ?

In the U.S. there are 332 million people. Approximately half are male and half are female.

Ten to thirty minutes:

blue green gradient_edited.jpg


For simplicity's sake let's assume that all Americans are age 0 to 80 and that an equal number were born on each day in those 80 years.

blue green gradient_edited.jpg


If this is the case, then there are 5,685 people of each gender born on each day in each of those 80 years.  

blue green gradient_edited.jpg


If half of all American adults are single, then there are 2,842 single females and 2,842 single males born on each day of each year. 

blue green gradient_edited.jpg


If we provide you with just three Magnetic Birth Dates, there are 8,527 singles of one gender who are your potential Matches. 

blue green gradient_edited.jpg


Suppose that we disqualify as many as 50% of them for various reasons.

blue green gradient_edited.jpg


We would then be left with 4,264 potential Birth Date Matches for you just in the US who were all born on three specific birthdates.

There are undoubtedly...



many enticing singles whose RCMs are incredibly well-matched with yours. ​​The most Irresistible Matches you will ever dream of meeting are just waiting to make your acquaintance. 

Woman working at home office hand on key

​Allow us to use our laser-focused

Birth Date Matchmaking Method

  to help you find one another.  

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