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If we are unable to accept you as a new client or if you'd like to save money, here's something you can try for a small fee. 


This version excludes several important steps that are only available to our paid clients.  Nevertheless, you'll identify birthdates that could be very close to those of your most Irresistible Birth Date Matches.

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Let's get started!

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Make yourself a GIANT calendar.


It should include an empty square for every day of the year and the squares should be large enough so that you can write in people's birthdates.

Think back through your life and make a list of your all-time favorite people.

Depending on how sociable you are this may be just a handful of individuals or it could be as many as 50 or more.  

These might include various friends, relatives, work colleagues, teammates, professors, roommates, major crushes, a friend's spouse, an employer, a childhood pal, your first love or someone you are insanely attracted to.

Be as thorough as possible.

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Get their birthdates

including their month, day and year.  This could take a fair amount of time to accomplish but it will be well worth it.  


Use a pen to record their birthdates on your GIANT calendar.

Include their month, day and year. Example:  2/18/1992.

When you're finished there is a 50/50 chance that you will end up with one or more clusters of birthdates. These clusters represent times in the year when a disproportionate number of your favorite people were born.

(Personally my calendar has two clusters and I'm rarely surprised when I make a new friend whose birthdate lands in one of them.) 

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Get yourself four different colored, lightly tinted markers. 

Use one marker to highlight birthdates on your calendar of people who are the first born children in their families.

Use your second marker to highlight birthdates of middle born children. 

Use the third marker to highlight birthdates of last born children.

Use your last marker to highlight birthdates of only children.

You will very likely end up finding that one of these four birth orders dominates on your GIANT CALENDAR.  In all likelihood your favorite people are of one particular birth order. 

(ALL of my favorite people have ALWAYS been last borns, without exception!)

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Choose a maximum of five people on your CALENDAR who are your all-time favorites.

For a moment assume that all of them have the gender that you're attracted to.


These people's birthdates are probably very close to the birthdates of your Most Irresistible Birth Date Matches


You may ALSO find that most of their birth orders are the same! 


and create a dating profile, inviting singles born on these dates to connect with you.


Keep in mind that as you meet these special people you will need to consider how their birth orders, blood types and biorhythms match up with yours as these are important factors that help determine their compatibility with you. 


In addition, if you are familiar with the rules of astrology you will want to compare your Chinese year of birth sign, hour of birth sign, your day of birth sign and your Western angles to points, planets and angles in their charts. (These are just a few of the extra features that we consider when searching for Birth Date Matches for our fee-based clients.)

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Once you begin connecting with your matches

you should both visit our COMPATIBILITY QUESTIONNAIRE page where you can quickly find out just how much you truly have in common with each other.

​​Not quite convinced?  Click here: 

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