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The following accounts are true. However people's

names have been changed to protect their privacy.

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For years I longed to meet a woman who felt like my perfect match. But as time ticked by it seemed like it would never happen. 


Along the way I learned about Western and Chinese astrology, each with their own compatibility hypotheses.  Armed with this information I hoped to figure out how to find women born under astrological signs that were compatible with my own.

Sat on the Rocks

If what I learned had any merit, I should be well-matched with women born on specific dates between September and November 1961.

However, in an era before the age of the internet and dating apps I had no idea how I would ever find these women.  

Regardless, I had firmly planted the idea in my head. 

One day my friend and I borrowed two dogs and headed for the city park hoping they would help us attract girls. Hours passed but nothing happened so we finally gave up. ​Just as we were leaving two attractive girls walked over to us.   

                        Imagine our surprise. 

I immediately locked eyes with one of them, an angel from Heaven named Michelle. It was the most powerful attraction I'd ever felt. 

Woman training dog at the
Happy Couple

We began spending lots of time together.

To top it off she was born right in my astrological sweet spot. 

What were the chances?

Within a short time I realized that she was



I'd ever met who I would have happily married. 



I didn't share her religious beliefs which caused problems for us.


Eventually she broke up with me which was one of the lowest points in my life.  I was sure I'd never meet another woman who I connected with like I did with her. 

Five years passed. Michelle married another guy while I struggled to find a woman who I loved as much as her.   

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The year was 1992 and my grandmother - of all people - introduced me to a young lady who lived on the other side of the country.  We ended up chatting on the phone every day for seven weeks and got along incredibly well. Eventually I asked her for her birthdate. 

It turned out she was born on
exactly the same day in 1961 as Michelle which was somewhat interesting to me considering my study of astrology.     

   Then we met in person.

And that is when I really
began paying attention.

Young beautiful brunette woman wearing c
Young beautiful brunette woman wearing w

The similarities in hers and Michelle's
personalities and demeanors were totally


Two women born on

who were so incredibly alike and who
  cast the same mesmerizing spell on me. 




For 18 years I had suffered through endless breakups and been a
   total relationship failure.   

/    /    /    /    /    /    /    

Then in the blink of an
eye everything changed.  

Six months later we tied the knot and this year we celebrate our 31st anniversary.

We've spent three decades working in the same office, raising our kids and enjoying life to the fullest.  

Our relationship has truly withstood the test of time thanks to our initial magnetic attraction AND to the enduring compatibility found in our RCMs.



We'll use the knowledge we've acquired over the past 37 years to help you
uncover a group of singles with whom you share just as much RCM Compatibility.

And within that group, you will discover your...


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Before you go....four more Birth Date Twin stories. 

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My other husband

     This story involves "North Country" friends of mine from the 1980s.

         Jane was married to Bob and Laura was married to Peter.          

     Bob and Laura began having an affair.



Whenever Laura was under the influence, she jokingly
referred to
Bob as "my other husband".

I was curious so I asked Laura about
her husband Peter's birth date.

It turned out that her husband was born on...


the same day in 1959 as her "friend" Bob.

The same month,

day and year.

portrait of beautiful young woman with finger on lips, on bright grey

The odds of Laura randomly carrying on with two men
born on exactly the same date were...


At we know precisely why Laura was
drawn like a magnet to two men born on the same date.

And we will use our skills to pinpoint a group of singles who
you share an equal amount of magnetic attraction with.

      (Minus the deception)    

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Did that really just happen?

Back in 1986 when I was still single I became fast friends with a guy named Robbie.  We got along really well and eventually began working together on several business projects.  

Several years later my wife and I met and six months later we were married.  We then left our jobs and started a small manufacturing business. 

One day we attended a meeting at one of our supplier's facilities.  We joined their staff in a conference room and the last one to enter was a guy named Ken. As he walked through the doorway my wife and I both looked his way in...


struck by the fact that he looked and acted just like my friend Robbie.

close up portrait  two caucasian young m

In fact, he was Robbie's



When our meeting ended I turned to Ken and quietly asked him
  for his birth date. Without batting an eye he casually told us. 


close up portrait  two caucasian young m
Calendar Pages

 August 14, 1957 

Don't ask me how, but I already knew what he would say.

He was born on
exactly the same day
as my friend Robbie.

     My wife is extremely skeptical of people who make outlandish claims.

                 Had she not been there to witness this for herself she




               would have believed it in a million years.



What's more, once Ken had given us his birthdate I then agreed to meet with him outside of work hours to discuss a business opportunity. 

We met at a restaurant and sat in a booth across from each other. The entire time I found it virtually impossible  to focus on his proposal,

by how
INCREDIBLY IDENTICAL he was to my best friend Robbie. The experience was surreal beyond belief.  How could this be?  It felt like the Twilight Zone.



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Beautiful seductive young woman model po


When I was much younger I had a girlfriend who I sensed loathed me in a very subtle way. It was so persistent that one evening while under the influence I used some colorful language to tell her what I really thought of her.  And that was the end of us. 

Twenty-five years later my wife and I employed a woman who had EXACTLY the same birthdate as that ex-girlfriend and before long she began treating me the same way.  It was the most bizarre déjà vu experience.  Needless to say, she didn't last long at our company.

Our proprietary software program pinpoints the precise reason this happened with two women who were born on exactly the same date.

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Beautiful serious mysterious woman in da

Lady Jane

Years ago I knew a girl who I permanently relegated to my "friend zone". She was very sweet but way too timid and sensitive for me.

Fifteen years later my wife and I employed a young lady who had the same exact birth date. The similarities in their two personalities were absolutely



Attractive, charming young woman in a wh
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