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During our search we will find between one and five Irresistible  Birth Date(s) for you.  When we're done you can decide if you still wish to purchase them.  If so, we will request your payment of $2,995.00 USD and once we've received your funds we will email them to you.  

(Please note that this is an Introductory Offer and that our price is subject to increase at any time.)

or choose this

Once you begin dating one of your Birth Date Matches we will refund your money. Simply email us the following items within 730 days from the date we sent you our recommended birth date(s): 

1. An image of you together which will be kept confidential unless you permit us to post it on
   our site.
2. An image of your Match's photo ID showing their birth date. This must be one of the dates
   we supplied you. It will be kept strictly confidential and deleted within 48 hours.

3. A candid review of our service (minimum 50 words). We may post it on our site however
   we will only display your first name and with your permission, your city, state or country.

Image of lucky brunette female holding f

Available for a limited time only. We will confirm that you qualify prior to you placing  your order.

Yes it is. Refunding your money is our way of showing you our appreciation for being an early adopter.

Also once you've fallen head over heels for one of your Matches your friends will surely want to hear your story. Hopefully you will be eager to tell them all about  

              Here's thanking you for spreading the love! 


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Click here                 and scroll to the bottom where you will find some interesting statistics. If you live in the U.S., thousands of your Birth Date Matches are single and will be delighted to make your acquaintance. 

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