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​​RCM Compatibility Comparisons

When you eventually find your Match, before you dive in let us conduct a Final RCM Comparison for the two of you which will allow us to fully gauge your RCM compatibility with one another.    


These Comparisons are included in our one-time fee and we provide an unlimited number of them for two years from the date we emailed your Birth Date Match dates to you. 

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​Before We Conduct Our Comparison

Your Birth Date Match should confirm their birth date, birth time and birth place in addition to their birth order and their blood type if available. 


Their name will also be helpful in order for us to assess your compatibility with them through the lens of numerology.

​​We will carefully compare your entire list of 94 RCMs with theirs, searching for and categorizing hundreds of RCM connections between the two of you. 


We will then email you with our compatibility prediction(s).   

Why do we need their times of birth?

Because this variable determines the exact placement of 17 of their RCMs, making it a critical element for assessing your RCM compatibility with them.  

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