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Our Team

Back in the 80s Diane was a Chartered Public Accountant in the U.S. and the U.K. Since then she has expertly managed our family's business admin.

She is also incredibly tech savvy and a world class negotiator keeping Allan and Mark on speaking terms for almost 30 years.

Libra Metal Ox  /  Life Path 1

Christina Portrait 2021.jpeg

In 2020 Christina graduated from Victoria University in Wellington, NZ with a double major in Business Mgmt / Commercial Law and a minor in Marketing.

She keeps the oldies on track and employs a laser focused approach to resolving issues at warp speed.  She truly is a wonder to behold.  

Aquarius Earth Rabbit  /  Life Path 6

In 1995 we discovered an incredible human named Allan, a genius level software programmer, electrical engineer and astrologer. Over the years he has provided us with numerous custom software programs.  

We are grateful to him for his ongoing contributions to our company and for his patience with Mark.  

Virgo Earth Ox  /  Life Path 9

Mark has spent decades obsessively observing human behavior and mentally cataloguing people's birth dates, astrological signs and numerology numbers. Undoubtedly he is one strange duck.  


Nevertheless, his observations have led to some startling discoveries involving relationship compatibility. 

Libra Metal Rat  /  Life Path 3

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